Web-Epoch brings over twenty years’ experience delivering bespoke business applications, data-integration and e-commerce solutions. Our knowledge helps you plan, design and build your technology systems. Our vision and knowledge gives you access to new technologies that improve your business.

Over the years we have delivered on a variety of platforms, involving cutting-edge technological solutions, including:

Web Applications & Websites

Businesses need simple websites providing customers and prospects with easy access to data and services. Our web design and integrated business applications services provided seamless connections. Find out how your business can benefit from our web design and web application services by contacting us.

Mobile Apps

Mobile accounts for nearly 60% of internet traffic, and its market share is growing. Smartphones have become increasingly essential for getting information and doing business. If your company is missing out on smartphone opportunities ask us about our Mobile Application development services.


Online business commerce is snaffling ever increasing quantities of retail and commercial spending. We have a proven track record in deploying, integrating and managing powerful and bespoke e-commerce solutions to drive customer and revenue growth. Talk to us about our e-commerce capabilities.

Data & Systems Integration

You know data is very important for your business’s success. Technology is moving incredibly fast and keeping up with your data management is always a challenge. Lack of integration means lack of insight and efficiency in your business. If you are looking for a technology partner to create two-way data flow between disparate systems do contact us.


Large systems projects demand Solution Architecture services that Web Epoch offers. Our methods uncover business context and knowledge of your vision to generate solution options. Our work includes costings and a clear road map to deployment.  Web Epoch is vendor neutral and independent. We deliver unbiased technology advice that supports your needs.


We like to make working with Web-Epoch as easy as possible for you.

We like to make working with Web-Epoch as easy as possible for you. There are many different steps in producing applications and software. The first thing we offer is an open and courteous discussion to understand what your business needs are. We are not tied to a particular technology or process so our advice is always the ‘best advice for you’. Tell us the outcome you are seeking and we will explain the solutions and options open to you.

Web-Epoch is proud of our ability to consistently deliver great work on-time and within agreed budgets. Customers appreciate our passion and knowledge of implementing new technology. Central to our approach is the use of robust and proven methodologies that work for our clients. Whatever method we select you can be sure its tailored for the way you like to work.


The Waterfall approach is effective when project requirements are clear and simple. It is best suited to short projects that are well defined from the beginning.  If your project requirements are stable and linear then Waterfall will work for you. It’s a simple and effective method to push a project through a clearly defined process.


There is no one method from agile project management. It breaks the development process into iterative steps. Agile allows for variance of testing and adaption throughout the project lifecycle.  It works best for those projects requiring an element of experimentation.  Web Epoch will use your feedback to adjust course and address a constantly changing landscape. Client are constantly receiving versions of their solution and Web Epoch solves issues as they arise.


Just some of our work for clients from diverse backgrounds we take great pride in

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London-based developers of intelligent business applications

At Web Epoch we design brilliant business applications that generate revenue, reduce cost and drive efficiency for our clients. We have been doing this since 1997 for a diverse range of clients across the United Kingdom. Our customers work with us because they need expertise to apply new technology to their current business challenges. Clients return to us because of our commitment to excellence and a dependable track record of delivering on time and to budget.

Web Epoch is a dedicated, capable and highly skilled team of technologists working out of our development studio in Brixton. Our breadth of backgrounds blend to provide knowledge and innovation for all our projects. Clients include large corporates, established businesses, charities and start-ups.


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